Some of our recipes

For your everyday lunches, dinners, and brunches

For a cocktail or dinner buffet at your events

Cherry tomato & pesto tarte tatin

Provençal aïoli

Green and wild asparagus risotto

Tarte aux fraises, ganache pistache

Lemon meringue & ginger tartlets

Melon, peaches & fêta carpaccio

Baked rice flavored with mint

Baba ghanoush

Conchiglioni with peas and goat cheese cream

Summer dinner buffet

Caramelized shallot tarte tatin

Gourmet cherry verrines

Marinated shrimps with Espelette pepper

Raspberry & blueberry pie, lime ganache

Zucchini & mint gazpacho

Scallop carpaccio, citrus & Timut pepper